Justme is about you

Are you ready for some ‘me’ time ?

The clue is in the title!  This is Just about you! This is not just any soup maker. The Justme soup maker cooks and blends fresh ingredients to make one large bowl of soup at a time (300ml). No Waste. No batch cooking needed.

Compact and small. This is not just another one of those large kitchen appliances that live in the back of the cupboards. This is about the size of a small thermos flask – it is lightweight at 760g and Just so easy to use!

Simply add stock and vegetables, select smooth or chunky setting, sit back and relax. The Justme soup maker will create your soup in as little as 19 minutes

Your world revolves around you

Indulge yourself in delicious healthy food without the expense or effort. You are in control of the ingredients so whether you have food intolerances, you’re watching the calories and salt, or you Just love delicious nutritious soup. You no longer have the misery of reading the small print on those tins of soup!

Don’t waste it – Soup it!

Ever wondered what to do with that lonely potato and half a leek at the back of the fridge? Don’t waste it – soup it! Experiment and create your own soup and smoothies your own way. You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make amazing healthy soup. It’s a wonderful inexpensive way to get the best healthy nutrients into your diet. Use it again and again and your soup will be fresh every time !

About us

We are a team of professional sales people and experienced engineers who specialise in consumer electronics and domestic appliances. We have used our expertise and technical knowledge to bring together a range of products which are personal to you. Justme is a focus on small products that give you the opportunity to indulge in yourself and look after number one. What’s more we have developed an energy efficient product that is easy to use again and again!

It’s all me, me, me