Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Cosy and comforting and a great boost for your immune system, blood vessel health and brain function with this favourite


  • one small Diced onion
  • one clove Minced garlic
  • One small Potato, diced
  • 90g Broccoli florets cut into small pieces
  • about 3 inches chopped celery
  • to taste Salt and pepper
  • 200ml Chicken stock or vegetable stock. You can either use your own stock or make up have a stock cube/ stockpot using hot water
  • as little or as much as you like Stilton or blue cheese crumbled


  1. Place all the vegetables and herbs into the Justme soupmaker
  2. Pour the stock up to the MAX line which is indicated inside the cup. Take care not to overfill
  3. To avoid the vegetables sticking inside the cup it is a good idea to give them a stir before cooking
  4. Connect the power cable. the lights will flash and the machine will beep
  5. Fit the lid correctly aligning the shape of the lid to the shape of the body. When the lid is fitted correctly the lights will stop flashing and the machine will stop beeping
  6. The soup maker will automatically flash the 'Smooth' function
  7. gently touch the start button once and the smooth light will remain solid. This program is 19 minutes long. It is designed to cook your ingredients first, and then the blending cycles will begin.
  8. Half way through cooking it will start the first initial blend and then continue to cook. It will repeat several times until the program has completed
  9. When the program has completed you will hear 3 beeps Rotate the lid to reveal an overhanging lip. Use the overhang to lift the lid. CAUTION THERE MAY BE STEAM AROUND THE LID. CONTENTS WILL BE HOT
  10. Crumble your favourite stilton or blue cheese into your piping hot soup, alternatively you can crumble straight into the bowl. If you prefer to mix it thoroughly crumble into the soup maker, replace the lid and select the BLEND function . This will provide a burst of blending for around ten seconds and mix together your hot soup and cheese.