A bowl of roast chicken soup.

Leftover Roast chicken soup

What to do with that leftover chicken from Sunday lunch! This recipe is perfect for using up some veg and chicken.


  • about 2 tablespoons Leftover roast chicken cut into small pieces
  • half a small onion Onion
  • about 3 inches leek sliced
  • half carrot diced
  • spoonful peas
  • 200ml Chicken or vegetable stock
  • dried mixed herbs
  • tablespoon greek yoghurt
  • Squeeze lemon juice
  • to taste salt and pepper


  1. place the vegetables into the soup maker
  2. add the leftover roast chicken and dried herbs
  3. Either use your own stock or make up 200ml of stock with half a stock cube or stock pot and water . add to the machine
  4. Connect to the power supply. Attach the lid and align the shape of the lid with the shape of the cup. When the lid is aligned correctly, the lights will stop flashing.
  5. Gently touch the function button, the lights will flash for each press of the button. Select the 'Chunky' function. Press the start button
  6. the Chunky function will gently cook your ingredients without blending, the program takes around 24 mins
  7. when the program is finished the machine will beep 3 times.
  8. TIP : If you wish to have some thicker consistency, remove some of the cooked chicken and vegetables at the end of the Chunky cycle, leave some fluid and veg inside the cup, select the 'blend' function. the machine will provide a 10 second burst of blending - then add to the ret of the soup