A glass of mango smoothie.

Mango, apple, pear and kale smoothie

This refreshing smoothie is loaded with Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Perfect for bone health, immune support, and to reduce fatigue


  • tablespoon Mango diced
  • half an apple apple diced
  • half a pear pear diced
  • small handful curly kale chopped into small pieces
  • 200ml apple juice


  1. chop the vegetables and fruit into small pieces
  2. pour in the apple juice
  3. Connect to power supply. attach the lid, make sure the shape of the lid aligns with the shape of the cup. When the lid is aligned correctly the lights will stop flashing
  4. Using the function button, gently touch until the 'Juice' light is lit.
  5. Press the start button . The program will not cook the ingredients but it will blend the fruit and juice together
  6. When the program has finished the machine will beep 3 times. Pour out your smoothie into a glass. Enjoy!